Ringed Gulls at Newport today.

This could become competitive!
When I first arrived at the bottom of Long Street c14.00 there were very few gulls, but in the next half hour an influx including 5 ringed birds.
Ad Med Yellow ATHT from a N Germany scheme.
1st W Med White 3LN3, ringed as a chick in Holland in June ’19, & previously at Newport on Jan 22.
1st W Common Gull, White JP049, ringed in Norway in Sept ’19, & previously at Newport on Dec 27
Ad Lesser BB White N:46U, ringed in Spain.
& finally, Great BB Orange S43:M, ringed as a chick on the Calf of Man in June 17 & seen frequently at Newport since, with no other sightings apart from a detour to Fishguard Lower Town.

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