Roundup 100: Favorite Dog Articles & Videos of the Week

From a beautiful piece on grieving to the idea of using pet-sitting drones, here’s some of my favorite dog articles of the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Favorite Dog Articles of the Week

Things I Wish I Had Known When My Dog Died | New York Times
Beautiful read about the grieving process, though I do recommend a box of tissues.

You Can’t Afford Your Dog’s Veterinary Bill, Now What? | My Kid Has Paws
Wonderful resource for pet owners looking for options when it comes to paying vet bills.

Can You Have a Happy Dog in an Apartment? | Tenacious Little Terrier
Great reminder that dogs don’t need a big yard to be happy, and that there are a lot of fun indoor & outdoor activities you can do to keep your dog busy & active.

So What if My Dog is a Little Chubby | Dog Wagging Care
Although a few extra pounds may seem harmless remember that carrying that extra weight can have a significant impact on our dogs health.

Researcher Finds Way to Reduce Stress in Shelter Dogs | Phys Org
Interesting look at the effect that a good night of sleep can have on a dogs stress level, and how that can potentially lead to more shelter dogs getting adopted.

Why IBM’s Dog-Training and Pet-Sitting Drone Is a Horrible Idea | Dogster
IBM recently filed a patent for a drone that can act as a pet-sitter & trainer for your dog. What do you think about using a drone to watch your dog when you’re gone?

Favorite Dog Videos of the Week

A true hero dog indeed. (tissues will be needed to get through this one)

Nothing to see here…

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