Roundup #11 – Our Favorite Dog Articles of the Week

Spring is such a great hiking time for Laika and I; the trails are much easier to traverse before pricker bushes have had a chance to fully bloom. I hope you have a great weekend, enjoy this beautiful weather, and have a chance to catch up on some of this weeks best dog stories. Hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did – and as always submissions for future round ups are always welcomed (and encouraged).

Best Dog Articles of the Week

Laika in her full ‘tongue out after a hike but still ready to go somewhere else’ mode

My Favorite Dog Articles of the Week

Bubble Wrap or Pet Insurance?
Pet insurance can be overwhelming and confusing for anyone, especially those of us not familiar with insurance terminology. Here’s a wonderful inside look at what those terms mean, how they affect your policy, and a comprehensive breakdown of the coverage provided by 8 popular pet insurance companies.

Pet insurance is not required by law and so there is little standardization. Every company provides varying coverage options.

I Spent a Day at a Physiotherapy Center for Disabled Pets
Inside look at all of the services provided by a physiotherapy center for animals.

Animal co-operation isn’t the only factor in the healing process though. It’s equally crucial that the owner is fully motivated to help their pet, as home exercises are an important part of the healing process. Let’s face it though, if you go as far as to bring your cat to physiotherapy, you’re probably more than a little motivated.

6 Simple Ways to Build Trust With Your Dog
Does your dog trust you? Great look at how we can all take a few simple steps to help make that trust even stronger, and a few ways we might be unknowingly losing that trust.

Even small things, like occasionally feeding your dog by hand, work to strengthen trust. Having a dog that trusts you makes everything about living with your dog easier, from getting your dog to come when called, to having an easier time with trimming nails and tending to injuries.

8 Things That Cats and Teenagers Have in Common
I know, I know; it’s not a dog article at all but it’s just so perfect. If you’ve ever owned a cat or known a teenager you must read this; guaranteed to make you laugh and ponder all that you think you know about feline (and teen) behavior.

We’d even go as far to suggest that if you need advice on coping with the teenagers in your home, you don’t ask other parents for their advice – instead, check out the cat behaviouralist books in your local library, or ask your veterinarian.

Mans Best Friend May Have Been the Neandrethal’s Downfall
In this fascinating story new findings suggest that the competitive edge gained by our amazing hunting partners – the wolf dog – humans may have hastened the extinction of the Neandrethal.

Modern humans were physically smaller and weaker than Neanderthals, but were still able to push their larger cousins out of the way. Shipman says they did this through cooperative hunting with the wolf-dogs, otherwise knows as canids, in which they shared the tasks of finding prey, chasing it down and killing it.

We Photographed Rescue Dogs to Celebrate Their Adoption
Featuring beautiful images (as the featured image above) of the adopted dogs from the Border Collie Rescue in Cape Town, Australia.

Photographer Shows Off the Joys of Rescued Dogs
I finally figured out where these beautiful images showing up on my Pinterest feed are from (I know I’m late to the party). German photographer Elke Vogelsang makes her three rescue dogs the subject of a lot of her work. She has a book coming out in September that will feature more than 100 photos and tells the stories of each of her dogs.

Best Dog Articles of the Week

Beautiful photography by Elke Vogelsang / FB

Best Dog Deals of the Week

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Best Dog Videos of the Week

Who doesn’t just love Mishka & Laika?

Don the Border Collie caused a bit of mischief in Scotland.

More of the great work done by the Beagle Freedom Project.

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