Roundup 91: Favorite Dog Articles, Deals & Videos of the Week

I don’t know what the weather’s been like in your neck of the woods, but here in Michigan it’s been a little nutty. We’d usually have a few feet of snow right now, but instead it’s 40 degrees out & raining – and it has been for a week. Just in case you were wondering why Laika is surrounded by leaves & grass, rather than a a beautiful snow background.

It’s been a great week for dog stories, well as long as you discount the horrible animal abuse allegations surrounding a certain dog movie. But for this blog I’d rather focus on the good, entertaining & thought provoking dog articles. From the tests we use to rate how smart our dogs are to how dogs respond when we use baby talk, here’s some of my favorite dog articles of the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Favorite Dog Articles of the Week

To Rate How Smart Dogs Are, Humans Learn New Tricks | New York Times
Here’s a look at some of the tests we use to rate dog smarts, and why there isn’t necessarily one ‘smartest’ dog when you take into consideration all the variables.

Don’t Touch! 5 Reasons Why It’s Not My Job to Run a Petting Zoo | Dachshund Nola
Great post about the frustrating interactions with ‘must pet all dogs’ strangers we face, and why it’s a bigger issue when it comes to small dogs.

Training a Feeling | The Cognitive Canine
Thoughtful look at dog training from the emotional perspective, rather than criteria alone.

Training Your Dog to Hike: Start Small Then Go Big | You Did What With Your Wiener?
Great step by step look at how to get your dog ready for hiking, and why it’s important to condition them & build up their stamina to prevent injuries.

Do Dogs Understand Us When We Use ‘Puppy Talk?’ | Christian Science Monitor
New research looks at how dogs respond to human speech, and when it comes to using baby talk it’s the young pups that got really excited. And the older ones? Well they’re more apt to get excited by a familiar voice.

Favorite Dog Videos of the Week

A new Hope for Paws video.

Favorite Dog Deals of the Week

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  • Cardinal Lab Styptic Powder 44% Off – Amazon
  • Sharkk Waterproof Dog Seat Cover 79% Off – Amazon

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