Say Cheese! And help him too! FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

cheesePoor Cheese was only a wee kitten of 3 weeks  when he arrived at APA’s doorstep. We could tell he had some sort of vision issues even then but he was so young the most important task was making sure he survived as an orphaned kitten.

cheese2Over the last few months (he is now 5 months old) it has become apparent that Cheese has significant eye problems. He was finally old enough to visit the eye specialist recently and we now have a path for Cheese to help get him the best chance for at least partial vision.

Cheese’s right eye has multiple congenital abnormalities. The pupil is misshapen and displaced from the normal, central position. The lens is smaller than normal. Unfortunately Cheese also has macular degeneration in this eye has has little to no vision.

The left eye is the eye we can help. Cheese has an underdeveloped eye lid and the hairs near the eye are rubbing the cornea causing discomfort. He basically has hair in his eye all the time!

This is something that is very uncomfortable and if left untreated can cause vision impairment. 

Can you help Cheese get the cryotherapy procedure he needs to keep his vision?

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