Senior Dog Looking For Love: An Interview

Meet Choco!

Choco is a 10-year-old dog fast approaching his 11th birthday. Choco is looking for that special someone to be forever his. We asked him to answer a few questions for his online matchmaking profile so his potential suitor(s) could learn what makes Choco so awesome!

Will you make Choco’s upcoming birthday the best one yet, by giving him a forever home to call his own?

Hi Choco! What do you think are your best qualities?

I’m good at communicating with my eyes since I can’t really talk (the only word I know is “woof,” and I don’t bark hardly at all, if ever). People say I have really pretty eyes because they’re the color of honey. I’m not sure what honey is, but people seem to like it. Anyway, people usually know what I want if I just look at them. It’s a cool superpower I have.

What do humans like best about you, Choco?

Besides my dashing good looks, my foster hoomans like my relaxed schedule of napping on my own bed (I’m trained not to get on furniture) and sunbathing outside. They say I’m really easy to take care of because I just like to hang out. They also like my car riding skills. Take me anywhere, I’m very calm in the car and love to feel the wind in my ears while we listen to some good tunes together.

What is your favorite food?

Just like a true hipster Austinite, my favorite treats are farm fresh green beans! Gotta keep my figure for all the hipster ladies out there!

What kind of things could you never do without?

Oh gosh, that’s hard. Any stuffed animals with a squeaker, for sure. I love those little guys. Long walks are awesome, especially if there’s a creek nearby where I can swim. Couldn’t go without those. Can I pick another? I could never do without my favorite people. I like to be in the same room with them, if I can. I don’t mind being home alone, but it sure is nice when they are here to keep me company!

What do you spend most of your time doing in your foster home?

“Resting my eyes” for a few hours at a time. Like I said, I’m a pretty chill guy. If I could find someone who liked naps as much as me, we would be a match made in heaven.

What does a typical Friday night look like for you?

If it’s a night in (and it usually is), my foster mom and I are watching a romantic comedy. “Must Love Dogs” is my favorite, but I’m not picky. I’m happy to let my family choose the movie. I’m resting on my bed close to the couch, surrounded by stuffed animals and snacking on my very own marshmallows. I let the hoomans have the movie popcorn.

What kind of human are you looking for to make your forever dreams come true?

Someone that wants a dog who is house trained, is very calm at home, and walks well on a leash. Hey, that’s ME! And someone who digs giving me gentle belly rubs. I need YOU to help me find a forever home after almost three years at the shelter. Come meet me – I’m the best!

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