Shelter Dog Gets a Makeover That Helps Save His Life

Charlie was found on the side of the road in Los Angeles. He was bought into a high kill shelter where The Pet Collective and Hollywood Grooming teamed up to give this guy a beautiful makeover.

With his fresh new look Charlie was adopted 2 days later.

It’s estimated that only half of the pets entering shelters in the US are receiving the grooming they need. Giving shelter dogs some basic grooming and a decent profile picture helps save their lives.

Organizations like One Picture Saves a Life are helping by reaching out to shelters and providing them with the resources needed to groom and photograph their animals.

8 million dirty, scared, and disoriented pets enter shelters each year – on intake, they have a picture taken. These photos taken are what people see when looking to adopt. A positive picture of a well-groomed pet means a better chance at adoption. – One Picture Saves A Life

Under every stray there is a beautiful dog just waiting for a second chance. To see what a difference shelter dog makeovers can have check out:

Shelter Dog Gets a Makevoer That Helps Save His Life

Charlie’s makeover video strikes an emotional chord with me; it shows how lovely and sweet he is underneath all that messy hair. Appealing to the heart is one of the most effective networking strategies when it comes to getting shelter pets adopted. With a simple makeover his sweet personality and amazing good looks start to shine.

Meet Charlie  – a homeless dog that was recently admitted to an L.A. area shelter. He was found on a side road, laying down with his hair entangled in painful burps.  Unfortunately this facility is a high killer shelter – unless someone…

shelter dog makeover

Charlie after his makeover; he was adopted 2 days later! Charlie is proof that under some matted hair there’s a beautiful and deserving dog in need of a loving home.

When a shelter dog gets a makeover and decent photo their chances of getting a second chance are greatly increased. If you have any grooming or photography skills reach out to a local shelter and offer your support. You can help give these guys a second chance.

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