Steer Clear of Christmas Dangers

1) Take care with cables

Fairy lights and fibre optic trees might mean a few more cables laying around than usual – a nightmare if you have a pet who enjoys nothing more than good chew. If you have an indoor rabbit then make sure they have their own wire-free area, but for dogs and cats just be sure to switch everything off when you’re not around and keep cables out of reach where possible (cable tidies and tape can help).

2) Hide the chocolates

Not so you don’t eat too many (it’s Christmas – chocolates are mandatory). Human chocolate is highly poisonous to dogs but unfortunately this won’t stop them wolfing it down at the first opportunity. Keep the sweets out of reach, and find out what to do a in an emergency here.

3) Watch out for poisonous plants

Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are common (and lovely) Christmas decorations, however what you might not know is that they are poisonous to dogs and cats. Keep them up high and out of reach.

4) Guard the tree

Watching a cat climb up inside a Christmas tree is undeniably funny, however, it can be dangerous, especially if they end up knocking the whole thing over or nibbling on something they shouldn’t. If you have a kitten, unless they’re extremely well behaved, it’s best to keep the tree in a room they don’t have access to. As a general rule, keep the tree in a corner and block off the base from your pet.

5) Beware of bones

Don’t feed your pet any chicken or turkey bones as they can be a serious danger to dogs and cats.

6) Be cautious with candles

If you like to light candles in your home during the winter months, keep them away from swishing tails and curious paws to avoid an accident.


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