Stray cat my family is taking care of is acting weird, yowling randomly, odd contraction contraction like movements, is she ok?

We have some stray cats that we let live on our back porch, both female and about a year old, one of them has started yowling at nothing randomly, laying in weird positions, breathing heavily and some movement that looks like contractions, or maybe a spasm, is she pregnant or hurt? Should I take her to the vet? The other cat is already pregnant, we planned on getting her spayed but then she got pregnant and is now at the point of expecting any day now, but more worried about the other cat because I’ve never seen a cat act like this but I’m also pretty new to cats. Any information would be appreciated.

EDIT: OK SO literally right after I made this post the cat that did not look pregnant at all to me has had it’s first kitten while the one that is obviously pregnant sits and watches, periodically checking on her friend. I think she may have one or two more because she is still in a weird position.

EDIT #2: For the people asking for an update, unfortunately a rather serious storm is rolling in and the cats (with still only the one kitten) disappeared into the crawl space under my house while I went inside to eat a sandwich. When I see that cat and the kitten again I will post a further update.

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