Thanksgiving Surprise: 20 Bottle Baby Puppies

November 25, 2016 (Austin, TX): Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) received an unexpected blessing on Thanksgiving in the form of two litters of newborn puppies –a total of 20.

“The first litter we were contacted about included a chihuahua-mix mom and her eight puppies. The mom was unable to produce enough milk to feed them,” said Mike Kaviani, Director of Lifesaving Operations at APA!. “Then almost immediately we were asked to help 12 puppies whose mom was shot at and then disappeared.”

Puppies at this very young age are fragile and require the kind of round-the-clock intensive care APA! is committed to giving to pets in need. They require bottle feeding every few hours and protection from disease.

“It’s not unusual for APA! to have a couple of bottle baby puppies, but 20 at once is pretty significant,” said Faith Valasek, an APA! employee who often fosters neonatal puppies. “We need a lot of extra help to keep these babies safe.”

“It was really amazing to see our team – who were supposed to have the day off – step up on Thanksgiving and set the wheels in motion to save all of these puppies,” said Kaviani. “And I believe people will also step up and help us by donating and fostering. It makes me even more thankful for the community we live in and the support they give us.”

The puppies will be divided up and sent to foster homes where they can be cared for. APA! will provide training to approved fosters. To apply, complete this form:

APA! is also asking for monetary donations: and for donations of puppy formula and other items:

Austin Pets Alive! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Austin Pets Alive! is focused on saving the healthy and treatable pets at risk of euthanasia at city shelters. Our mission is to promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.

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