Unexpected Wisdom Panel Results – October Edition

Browsing the Wisdom Panel community page can lend itself to some real mysteries of dog genetics. I would have never guessed these mixes on my own. Wisdom Panel results can be quite fun and entertaining. I recently had Laika tested and while it’s not nearly as surprising as these examples I’m still puzzled by the Bernese Mountain Dog part.

What are Wisdom Panel Kits?

Wisdom Panel is a dog DNA test kits you can buy for your dog. You simply take a couple swabs from inside your dogs cheek and send it off to their lab. In about 3 weeks you’ll receive your dogs personalized ancestry report (you can see Laika’s here).

If you’ve ever considered testing out your own dog Wisdom Panel is currently offering 15$ off and donating $5 to the American Humane Society with every purchase through 11/24 with the code AHA2014.

How Accurate are Dog DNA Tests?

The accuracy of the test varies depending on how much of a mix your dog really is. If your dog has two purebred parents the results were shown to be 84% accurate in 2009 by the National Canine Research Council.

If you own a mixed breed dog chances are you’re like me and have spent many hours pondering the possibilities of dog breeds possible. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to buy a Wisdom Panel DNA test for my dog Laika. I was pleased with the results and it helped explain a few of her personality traits.

October’s Unexpected Wisdom Panel Results

unexpected wisdom panel results dog dna

Little One from Alabama

Little One’s Results

25% Dogue de Bordeaux
25% Smooth Fox Terrier
25% Mix
12.5% Weimeraner
12.5% German Shepherd

wisdom panel results dog dna test

Cali from Arizona

Cali’s Results

50% Boxer
12.5% Finnish Spitz
12.5% German Shepherd
12.5% Saint Bernard
12.5% Mix

wisdom panel dog dna tests

Andie from Arizona

Andie’s Results

50% Mix
25% Akita
25% Vizsla

wisdom panel results dog dna test

Luna from Wisconsin

 Luna’s Results

50% Australian Shepherd
25% Curly Coated Retriever
25% Mix

unexpected wisdom panel results dog dna

Gaby from West Virginia

Gaby’s Results

50% Pomeranian
25% Standard Wirehaired Dachshund
25% Great Dane

wisdom panel results dog dna

Pixie G from Washington

 Pixie G’s Results

50% Chihuahua
25% Mastiff
25% Shih Tzu

wisdom panel results dog dna

Cypher from Virginia

Cypher’s Results

25% American Foxhound
25% Rottweiler
25% Siberian Husky
12.5 % Labrador Retriever
12.5% Mix

wisdom panel results

Lily from New Hampshire

Lily’s Results

25% American Eskimo Dog
25% Rottweiler
25% Mix
12.5% Afghan Hound
12.5% German Shepherd

wisdom panel results dog dna

Kaylee from New Jersey

Kaylee’s Results

50% Dalmatian
25% Mix
12.5% Bloodhound
12.5 % Mastiff

wisdom panel results dog dna test

Shiner from Georgia

Shiner’s Results

25% Bulldog
25% Greyhound
25% Irish Setter
25% Mix

unexpected wisdom panel results

Mufasa from New Jersey

Mufasa’s Results

50% American Staffordshire Terrier
25% Chinese Shar Pei
25% Newfoundland

unexpected wisdom panel results dog dna

Duffy from Indiana

Duffy’s Results

25% Basset Hound
25% Mix
12.5% Dachshund
12.5% Shiba Inu
12.5% Leonberger
12.5% Miniature Pinscher

What do you think about dog DNA tests?

Do you believe dog DNA tests are accurate? Have you had your own dog tested? Did you have any surprising breeds show up in your dogs report? I love these results so please share yours below if you’ve had your dog tested. How satisfied were you with the results?

For myself I did it for fun. I knew no matter what breeds ended up on Laika’s report I’d get a good laugh and be able to end a few friendly wagers with friends and coworkers. If you enjoy these unexpected Wisdom Panel results be sure to check out our previous doggie dna results from September & July.

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