Update! It was recommended my dog be euthanised, and other posts…

Thank you ALL so much. I hope that an update post is okay, since I posted probably half of a dozen times here asking for help with my recent rescue. A vet recommended euthanasia a few days ago and I freaked out because they didn’t know what was wrong with her, and about four weeks ago I was desperate she wouldn’t pee.

Reminder: Reese is a six year old (or maybe 1.5 year old) Shiba Inu, spayed in December, adopted January 6th. She was a former puppy mill dog, so her past sucked. Her shelter saved her from euthanasia after being unsold at an auction in November.

In the month and change since her adoption, I think we’ve probably been to the vet 6-8 times? Two ER visits, several internal medicine visits.

We finally have answers!

  1. The vet is 100% sure she does have kidney disease — we went back and forth between vets. The internal medicine specialist said that her kidney disease, however, is different from most (please excuse any terminology I mess up). Essentially, instead of being genetic (since Shibas tend to be pretty healthy dogs), what likely happened is she suffered abuse in the mill that damaged her kidneys. Either she had an infection that she beat on her own that no one bothered to treat (and hence her kidneys took a beating) or that she was intensely dehydrated for a period of time, or both. It would leave lasting kidney damage.

    1. She seems to think that as long as I keep her on the strict kidney diet, it is unlikely that her kidneys will worsen much. They need to be on the diet to help them since they are damaged, but since they aren’t deteriorating like dogs who develop it due to genetic disease, its unlikely that it will progress rapidly, or at all. She suspects Reese will stay around stage 1 or 2, maybe 3 in her old age, but it is not something we should expect to get gradually worse as they typically do. I hope this makes sense.

  2. Reese does not have patellar lunation. She likely does, however, have some degenerative back disease. She’s always had some weird bulldog like posture in the front — the vet said it was a lot more obvious when not seeing her in an emergency capacity. She wasn’t concerned enough to x-ray her or anything, but told me to just baby her. It seems that this will be likely what does her in down the line. She crosses her legs a lot weirdly and is super odd when it comes to sitting/standing, so this makes sense. She now gets carried up and down all stairs, and cannot get off furniture, which is fine because she was already terrified of that; she’s got a huge case of small dog syndrome.

  3. There is a minor infection in her colon/GI tract, explaining all her potty issues and vomiting. Vet said this is not common, but not uncommon, when dogs switch to kidney food. Since its low in a lot of nutrients, in some dogs who are already weak (literally Reese post-ER stay), the bacteria in the body gets out of whack and some overpower others. Lots of medications and probiotics to “re-set” her, but otherwise, we’ll be stellar there!

  4. She also has dank ass food allergies. I suspected this from the second I met her in the shelter, but no one took me seriously with everything going on. We didn’t do great on Purina kidney food, she LOVES Royal Canin kidney but I have never seen her this itchy. I’m holding out for the Hill’s Lamb kidney food, or we’ll have to get a hydrolysed kidney diet which is going to be custom made and ordered and expensive.

  5. At the Internal Medicine specialist, she re-did her blood work (mostly to settle my nerves) because her potassium, as you may remember, was at a 9.9. She told me that the first vet I went to just sucked and didn’t know how to calibrate their machine for breed. I hated that first vet and they did do all her blood work — and the breed section is blank on those blood work panels. She ran it for me in-house and I got the results immediately — Reese’s potassium was a 4.3! So relieving. So all those sky high potassiums and low sodiums was definitely just “Pacific Rimisim” and causing their machine to read whacky.

    1. The only blood work that was not normal was her creatine, which it is was on her other blood work — but its only up to a 1.7. Dr. said their machine is just a bit more sensitive and its not concerning as long as she’s on the kidney diet.

So that is all. Thank you guys so much will all the help with my little girl. This is the first time I feel like we really do have answers for all her issues. I feel content that we have everything accounted for and tied up for once. I finally feel like we can begin moving on and I can start enjoying Reese without worrying too much about her health, for the first time since adoption.

Obligatory photo spam of Reese!

Thanks again 🙂

Edit: If it wasn’t clear, likely what sent Reese to the ER initially, after not peeing for three days, was that it probably hurt her more that day than usual for whatever reason (because of the back) and hurt to squat — because of her uncomfortableness with me because I was new, she felt too vulnerable to potty. It probably took her blood work down so dramatically because the kidney disease made her vulnerable and thus retaining was much more dire with her than in other dogs. Colon issues came after everything else!

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