Update on my puppy from a couple months back

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I just wanted to give a little update considering how helpful this community was with Josie last time. To start I just wanna say thanks to all the people who messaged and commented on the original post with concern. I really appreciate all of the help and advice given to me.

About a month after the original post, Josie started to act odd again. She went back to not eating or drinking. This time I got her into a vet with the money I had saved in case this were to happen again. Originally they thought it was some gastrointestinal issues and sent me home with some medicine for her. She didn’t get any better.

A couple days after our first visit she collapsed and j rushed her back to the vet. To make a long story a little shorter, they found that she had a herniated diaphragm and would need emergency surgery or she likely wouldn’t make it.

At first I didn’t know if I’d be able to do the surgery as it was nearly $4,000 and I’m a college student living off of scholarship money for the most part. I had pretty much used all of my money already for the medicine and previous visits. I was crushed. The vet techs and surgeon saw this and did what they could and got the price down to a much lower point for me that made it possible for me to use my mom’s care credit, apply for my own, and then max out a credit card to be able to pay for the surgery. I will forever be thankful for those vets and all they did for me and Josie.

The vet warned me that the surgery would still be very risky with Josie being so small and it being such an intensive procedure. They called about 4 hours later to let me know that Josie had made it and was doing well. It’s about two weeks later now and Josie is doing amazing. She’s back to her old self and is recovering so well.

Thanks to everybody who commented on the original post and thank god for those vets.

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