[UPDATE/Question] I posted last month about my vet neglecting to notice my cat having fatty liver disease. Now her husband just harassed my gf. What are my options?


Above is my original post from last month. Basically, my gf took our cat in to the vet for a checkup, vet put the cat on zoloft, cat stopped eating, vet was not concerned despite multiple calls about cat not eating, cat died from fatty liver disease.

My gf spent about $9k in medical bills and had been in contact with the vet about covering the expense since it was due to their neglect. After about a month, they called her stating their ‘internal review’ had been complete and scheduled a meeting with my gf. Immediately in the meeting, the vets husband (the finance director) starting yelling at my gf to take responsibility for her action and she “should have fed her fucking cat”. He bullied his wife and my gf , not allowing either to get a word in (I wasn’t present). My gf left in tears. I’m so angry I could hardly finish typing this. Its one thing to not pay for their mess, but to harass my gf after she’s already had to deal with the loss of her cat and the financial burden of the bills is beyond unprofessional. I am wondering what my legal options are from here, if any?

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