UPDATE: Surgery FUNDED! Danali Needs Urgent Surgery to Remove a Bullet from her Spine

Thank you so much for your generous contributions! We are thrilled to announce that Danali’s surgery has been funded. We will post updates as they occur.

Danali, a four-month-old boxer mix puppy has a bullet lodged in her spine, but veterinarians believe she may have a good chance of recovery with the help of a specialty surgeon. Austin Pets Alive! needs to raise $2,000 by February 3 to help cover the cost of her surgery and rehabilitation.

Danali was found dragging herself down a street by a Good Samaritan who then brought her to the Austin Animal Center, where they determined she had been shot, and the bullet lodged in her spine. She was then transferred to APA! as a severe medical case

We have a specialty surgeon who may be able to help restore her ability to move her hind legs but the funds need to be raised by February 3, because that’s when he’s available. We also want to do the surgery as soon as possible because she is a young puppy and growing fast. The sooner rehabilitation can begin the better. 

In spite of her injury she is a very sweet puppy who deserves a chance. You can donate using the form below and we will send periodic updates on her progress.

Anyone with information about who may have shot Danali should call 911.

*Any funds raised in excess of those needed for Danali will be applied to other medical cases.

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