Weekly Dog Roundup #1: Our Favorite Articles and Videos

Weekly Dog Roundup: Our Favorite Articles, Videos and Deals

Each week I’ll be sharing the best dog related stuff I’ve found on the web. I read a lot of great dog articles each week, yet they get lost so quickly in the fast paced flood of social media. I wanted to find these great articles a more permanent home so I’ve decided to start a weekly dog roundup.

I’m always open to suggestions when it comes to reading fresh new content. If you come across any great dog finds during your internet travels feel free to contact me with suggestions. Have a great weekend and give your dog a some love this Valentine’s Day.

Favorite Dog Articles of The Week

  • Shelter Animals are Not “Damaged Goods”
    Great new perspective on an old topic. Recent research has found that 46% of young adults see shelter pets as being less desirable than those from breeders. Excellent point about animal shelter advertising campaigns adding to the negative perception.
  • Meet Rudy, The Dog Who is Being Raised With Science
    What happens when a canine scientist raises a dog? For Mia Cobb is means she’s putting all of that scientific knowledge into what makes a happy, healthy dog and using it in practice while raising her own dog Rudy. Check out the awesome blog she writes with fellow canine scientist Julie Hecht: Do You Believe in Dog?  (Rudy is the handsome fellow in the featured image above)
  • Dogs Can Discriminate Emotions In Human Faces
    In the newly released study canine participants were trained to choose either happy or angry expressions on various photos. The dogs were shown to correctly identify these these expressions by using their previous knowledge of human emotions onto a new stimuli.

  • Can Pets Suffer from PTSD?
    Intriguing article about the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in our pets. Although the diagnosis of PTSD in pets remains scientifically unproven there are many that believe traumatic experiences can cause PTSD in our pets.
  • Valentine’s Day Recipes & DIY Tutorials for Pets
    If you’re like me and don’t buy your pet gifts for Valentine’s Day but would still like to give them a little something check out this excellent post. It’s a big list of great dog treat recipes and all sorts of DIY doggie toys.
  • Living the Anxious Life
    Those of us with fearful dogs will find a lot to relate to in this excellent post. It’s a personal story about the process of trying to get a handle on a dogs struggles with anxiety and panic. It’s a hard behavior to manage in both humans and dogs alike.
New study finds dogs can distinguish between happy and angry emotions in humans by looking at photos.

In a new study dogs demonstrated their ability to discriminate emotions in human faces.

Best Dog Deals of The Week

  • Pet Smart – Save up to 50% on their weekend sale items – 02/13 – 02/16
  • Entirely Pets – 15% Off Sitewide with Promo Code RUSHMORE – 02/13 – 02/17
  • Only Natural Pet – Save 15% on all dental care products for the month of February

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Favorite Dog Videos of The Week

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