When a vehicle is more than simply transportation

IMG_8199Sometimes a vehicle is simply a method of transportation to get a person from one place to another but here at APA! our transport vans provide so much more than just transportation. Without these vehicles we could not save nearly as many pets as we do and we would not be able to attend the many adoption events across Austin that allow our pets to find their forever families. Thanks to Austin Infiniti for continuing to provide maintenance services on our transport vans so we can save even more lives and help keep Austin No Kill.

“One of the most satisfying memories of my work as an adoption counselor at APA! is when I’ve used the vans for an adoption event. I left APA! with a van full of 6 puppies and I returned from the event with zero. It was a much quieter ride back to the shelter but I had a smile on my face the entire drive back thinking of all the puppies happy in their forever homes.” – Lauren Yankovich, Lead Offsite Dog Counselor

“I didn’t realize the amount of supplies needed to setup a successful and safe adoption event, the vans allow us to easily transport not only the adoptable dogs but everything else we need from a tent to keep them shaded, to x pens to keep them safe, and food, water and blankets to keep them comfortable.” – Megan Jones, Offsite Dog Counselor

“One of our vans is dedicated to rescuing dogs and bringing them into our program. My rescue vans allows me to quickly and efficiently save dogs from crowded shelters and potentially dangerous situations. I am able to take up to 12 crated dogs at a time and deliver them to safety, where they will eventually find their forever homes. There is no doubt that our reliable, accommodating van allows us to save more lives on the daily basis.” – Katie Mellon, Intake Coordinator

“In addition to running the Dog Adoption Program, I am also responsible for the safety of my 16 adoption counselors and the dogs in our care. I can breathe easy knowing that my offsite counselors and our intake coordinator are in a safe, well maintained, reliable vehicle. Our vans have enabled our adoption program to expand and thrive throughout the entire Austin area.” -Deaven Wilson, Dog Program Manager

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