Will feeding protein to my renal failure dog kill him faster or let him die happy?

Species: Canine

Age: Senior

Sex/Neuter status: M, neutered as adult

Breed: Throwback Pomeranian

Body weight: 15.8 lbs (healthy weight 19 lbs) and dropping

History: Chronic Renal Failure, high blood pressure

Clinical signs: Elevated BUN (47 mg/dL), elevated Crea (2 mg/dL), high-normal urine protein (30, no units given), measured 2/21/19

Duration: 3 months

Your general location: Colorado

My dog was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in January and put on a renal support (low protein) prescription food. He hasn’t been eating as much as he should each day for a while and now he’s refusing nearly all of his prescription food. He is not adverse to eating, judging by the amount of food that he tries to steal from the dinner table. His weight is dropping fast and the only thing he will eat is table scraps and meat. Will I be killing him faster by feeding him the beef and chicken he so desperately wants? It seems like otherwise he will starve to death.

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